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Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

By Ycoy Sitchon

Wedding planning is not for the faint of heart. Surveys never lie when year after year, wedding planning lands in the list of one of the most stressful jobs in the world. Weddings and personal celebrations are quite tedious and highly emotional. When you eat troubleshooting for breakfast and talk to brides (and parents) daily, you will get the picture. 

Hence, planning your own wedding and taking care of the nitty-gritty can take its toll on you. There’s a great deal of pressure aside from the weight of hearing unsolicited advice from different people. Sure it may seem enjoyable to spend time creating wedding boards on Pinterest and viewing portfolios of different suppliers but embarking yourself in uncharted territory is way bigger than that. Hiring a professional wedding planner will help you traverse the right path while maintaining a balance in your life. 


Gone are the days of cookiecutter weddings. Weddings nowadays are more personal thus the heightened effort to make the occasion an unforgettable experience not only to the couple but to everyone who will grace the event. A wedding planner creates the overall theme of the wedding while ensuring that everything will be novel and yet classy and cohesive. Based on the couple’s story, interests, and personalities, the concept must reflect who they are and what they want. Succinctly put, the wedding planner must capture the essence, the look and the feel of your desired event. 


Wedding planners know the current market rates. Therefore, they will be the ones to align your expectations vis-a-vis what you can shell out. They will also be the ones to shortlist and present suppliers based on your budget requirements and negotiate if need be. Budget allocation is one if not the most stressful facets of wedding planning. If money is not a problem, then creating a budget planner may not be an issue. However, if you feel that having a beautiful wedding is equally important as preparing for a house or starting a family; or if the in-laws will be the ones to pay for the whole wedding, then it is practical to check and keep track of the expenses. Wedding planners are experts in decision-making and negotiations. Hiring a planner may be more costly compared to hiring an on the day coordinator but it proves to be one of the key investments you will ever make. 


It is a prevalent malaise for couples to be overly excited the moment they get engaged. But in wedding planning, timing is everything. It is easy to book suppliers. But finding the right ones, avoiding possible regrets, and not being overwhelmed with the whole process is another story. Wedding planners create a timeline for a specific reason. Like any cycle, it goes through various phases that should unfold at the right moment. You cannot rush some steps and skip the others. Due to high emotions, couples tend to expedite the process without thinking of the repercussions. Booking each supplier and meeting them has its own time. In a nutshell, wedding professionals know the ebb and flow of the whole wedding planning process. 


Seasoned planners have seen it all and hence they are the best people to give wise advice. There will be lots of sticky situations that couples may experience. Real wedding professionals know how to handle challenges. Remember that they do this for a living. They are equipped with knowledge and skills to resolve tricky questions and dilemmas. Most of the time, stress stems from advice often unwarranted, that they hear from family and friends. While the intention may be good, it is unavoidable that they cause extreme panic and worry. Wedding planners put everything into the right perspective. 


After planning the wedding for x number of months, the best people to execute your big day are no other than your wedding planners. As experts who are there from start to finish, your wedding planners will provide all the know how’s needed on the day. Wedding planners take command, coordinate logistics and even reinforce back up plans. When the going gets tough, the planners get going. Ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks, your wedding planners will take control while you enjoy the most memorable day of your life. 

Hiring a wedding planner doesn’t guarantee a foolproof wedding. Just like any other day, there may be some hiccups that you will encounter. On the other hand, getting the service of a wedding planner is winning half of the battle. Imagine the time you will save; the cumbersome research you will have to forego; the amount of stress that you can avoid; and the guidance you can get. There’s more to wedding planning than meets the eye. And getting the help of a wedding planner is like getting a compass that will lead you in the right direction towards a smoother and happier wedding planning. 

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