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Crawford – Garcia

Billy and Coleen have always been drawn to the sea. And hence, a seaside wedding is the embodiment of their (wedding) dreams. It is full of all kinds of rich details with heavy influence on French Riviera vibe. And while the setting is undeniably and completely idyllic, they opted to go subtle with their looks and style especially Coleen with a sleek, classy dress and with almost no make up at all. Likewise, while elements are extensive and voluminous, using the lightest/nude pastels created the ideal balance. It is a perfect juxtaposition between laidback and luxe; lush and effortless; and elegant and ethereal.

Costa del Sol of Balesin is the most perfect venue for Billy and Coleen’s ceremony. Inspired by the region in the south of Spain, this Spanish village connects to the Spanish roots of Coleen. The picturesque setting and its symbolism also speak to us. With two pools side by side, one with fresh water, the other with salt water, it symbolizes two different people united by ONE LOVE. They go to the sea, surrender to the waves, and look up above with God as their witness, with God as their fortress. This wedding is indeed a labor of love.

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