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Raffles Bridal Fair 2018

There has always been this prevalent notion that fairs are spectacles meant to show everyone that your services, products and skills are better than others’. To most people, the most important aspect of any (bridal) fair is COMPETITION. However, for this fair, we wanted to emphasize the value of COLLABORATION among everyone – from seasoned vendors to emerging ones. 

As a veritable purveyors of novelty and reinvention, we introduced an innovative way to showcase each supplier’s signature style aiming to change the name of the game. We came up with a singular concept (Dreamy/classic Meets modern fairy tales – Crazy Rich Asians) so everyone would be on the same ground. And the only thing that would define each one of them is their interpretation and execution of the given theme based on their own aesthetics and techniques. It was meant to showcase who they REALLY are and at the same time, aid each couple to truly identify the BEST supplier for them. The purpose was to help them avoid mistakes of booking suppliers who do not fit their requirements and preferences; and to assist them in looking for the RIGHT people who would create their dream wedding. Each booth showcased 2-3 suppliers with linear and cohesive execution – all were grouped fairly based on their designs which they submitted weeks ahead of the fair. This fair is indeed all about teamwork, creativity, and passion. 

That is exactly what we wanted to bring out in this fair – The VERY BEST of who they are; and what they can do and provide. Another goal was to highlight not only the big names in the industry but the emerging artists who continue to blossom and thrive – a testament that this industry is for everyone who dreams and aspires. This industry neither discriminates nor favors the ones who are already at the top. It is big enough for everyone to share a slice of success without proving that you are better than the rest with just experience and number of years as limited parameters. As each seasoned supplier started from being a beginner, we wanted to give a platform to new talents in the industry. And lo and behold, the outcome was truly astounding. #TheCuratedWedding @ Raffles Makati

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