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Last March, days after the lockdown, we bravely laid out our fearless forecast on the pandemic’s ramifications to the whole events industry. With meticulous market analysis and formidable business planning, we pivoted and adapted to the massive changes that the crisis has brought. 

effects of covid-19 on wedding industry

Months after, with a considerable amount of challenges in between, the whole events industry finally began to reawaken, albeit gradually. The infection rate curve is far from reaching a plateau, but initiatives are boosted to tango with people’s swelling demand in finding hope amid the crisis. With efforts from different event purveyors, we all head en masse to curate and promote safe celebrations. 

Audaciously prepared, we dissect the routes of the trends that hit two or three birds with one stone. Our goal is to be socially responsible while we are still in the eye of the pandemic. Celebrations may induce some head tilts, and that’s why we persevere to bend together with these mammoth adjustments. As planners and event curators, we analyze the trends and give a sneak peek of what is about to be expected in the months to come, ceteris paribus.  

The most significant trend in both fashion and wedding that we will continue to see is sustainability. The pandemic has awakened a sense of reality to focus on the essential. And this will become the North Star on what to purchase, splurge on, and prioritize. We have seen the emergence of sustainable brands, and it will also extend to choosing wedding suppliers. 

Before, we perceived wedding gowns as dresses that follow the current trend and something you could stash away. Now, in selecting bridal gowns and shoes, brides will opt for items they can reuse even after their wedding. Bridal looks and makeup will conjure up thoughts of sustainability. Celebrations will become celebrations of timelessness. With prêt-à-porter options, bridal capsules, and online collections becoming like the new norm, bridal attire choices will no longer be in one box, which now varies from a romantic white dress to a modern top or a sleek suit. Modern ideas will be embraced as the need for accessibility and sustainability is front and center.

On the contrary, it doesn’t mean they will not splurge on their wedding outfit or ensembles. Despite the objective to be sustainable, brides who wait patiently for their wedding will not compromise on their looks. 

For the event design, clients will now focus more on the details. Since scaling back for a smaller guest list is a healthy option until social distancing becomes negotiable, brides and grooms will allocate a budget for a more personal experience that is initially allotted for the guests’ food. There will be a strong desire for a unique wedding festooned with custom and personal details to make up for what is lost. Less doesn’t mean less, and intimate doesn’t always mean ordinary. It can be small in size but significant in detail, mainly because they need to wait for a year to make their dream wedding come true. In a nutshell, there will be a big push for creativity. 

We also see a growing trend for destination and/or outdoor weddings. As travels are halted this year, most clients will choose a place where they can breathe fresh air and break the shackles of being quarantined and isolated. They will select a different environment where they can spend moments with their loved ones. 2021 weddings are going to focus more on the experiences of friends and family.

As for wedding photos and videos, there will be a shared goal to be more authentic. During the pandemic, beautiful memories pop up. These memories have given us extreme joy – may it be a memory of travel, dining out with the family, or just being together with our loved ones – things that we used to take for granted, but we miss tremendously now. And it is precisely what everyone will do in preserving moments of love and happiness once we start to have a sense of normalcy. Next year, weddings will feature capturing fleeting moments that you can’t reproduce in posed photographs. Couples will be keen on their wedding photography and videography to capture the celebration’s genuineness above anything else.

effects of covid-19 on wedding industry
effects of covid-19 on wedding industry
effects of covid-19 on wedding industry

On the same token, candid moments lead to a laidback vibe. Weddings in the past have become too rigid and follow a linear path. And although still refined, there will be a sense of truthfulness steering clear the templates and conventions. 

With vaccines on the horizon, the prediction seems brighter. 2020 may not be the year for events, but it is the year for innovation. We indeed learned a lot from this experience – something that forges us between the hammer and the anvil. We emerge victorious despite some pitfalls. In a nutshell, celebrations become meaningful with a deeper appreciation for life and love. 

Photos by Mayad

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